About us

Read here about why our Water Kefir is now licensed

We want to make our real, slow food SO delicious that people everywhere will be able to access this or make it themselves and want to eat it every day.  For good guts we produce authentic, slow fermented vegetables, kefirs, mustards, miso and kvass.  And for those who'd rather make their own, the know-how or confidence. There are many amazing, very real nutritional and health benefits of eating fermented foods but our focus is on flavour.   It's lovely to think of  "food as your medicine" but we want real food to be the norm and our ferments to fit under that category. Too many people ask me how much of our kefir or krauts they should 'take'!!  If you are immune compromised or know that you have a very delicate digestive system then certainly go easy, start very slowly and build from there. This is FOOD,  just enjoy it, and find different ways to do that.

We also love to teach about what we do and envision crocks and jars of ferments in home kitchens around Australia and helping people eat a little something fermented a few times every day; giving people the confidence to rely on common sense in the kitchen again, and to no longer be afraid of healthy, helpful yeasts and bacteria in foods. 

This is a strange time of thinking of food as something that should be cheap - and fast.  We've become so disconnected from food and where it comes from - large chain supermarkets are all most people have and organic raw, living foods are seen as medicinal rather than normal.  YES our ferments are good for your gut, but also for your mouth, your soul and for the other foods you eat through their naturally added digestive enzymes and enhanced nutritional content. 

All of our flavours, textures and methods rely on the microbial world to transform raw food without heat, or any other process other than fermentation.  We have a good sense of what will taste good, and confidence to let time take its course. We are a micro-business....which fits because it is the microbial world that actually does all of our beautiful work. It is quite difficult to upscale a hand made product.  

Fermentation - or at least a passion for it - attracts some of the most wonderful people so we have a great team. No longer just me in my kitchen or a friends shed (gotta start somewhere - it was a beautiful shed on a fabulous winery), but a bunch of very avid fermenters based just outside of Daylesford in a very large old abattoir.  

One of them is Melbourne chef Roger Fowler - a dad from school 'pick up'  whom ended up spending so much time in the kitchen and on the road with me that we ended up moving into together and made a Brady bunch out of our two families. Those bellies are now full to the brim with a wide and broad variety of bacteria.  Another is our Indian kitchen hand turned partner Varma - whom we met 3 days after he arrived in Australia and consider part of our family. He makes amazing Mango chutney a lime pickle and brings us Buffalo Ghee to coat our rice. It won't be long and that Lime Pickle will be on the shelves along with our ferments.  Most recently all-rounder Speedy joined us;  an ethnobotanist and all-round permaculture, distiller, foraging know-it-all and so we have our perfect team.  Our ferments - needless to say are stringently tested on lots of palates, including the 5 kids from 9-17 yrs - all very opinionated -  to make sure that we provide you with fermented food that everyone's children will love, not just the adults.  (It can take a bit of training for those children who are used to sweet food or regular fizzy drinks... palates are trainable and lives are enriched so get onto it..!)

(Our new spot in Daylesford has big dreams and great neighbours ..... in fact we've room to share if you know someone who needs to sub-let some fridge or kitchen space or wants to perhaps look into a farmer incubator situation. We have land all around us for rent as a whole or in allotements and would love a grower to come and provide fresh ingredients for us.