Black Sesame, Coconut Sugar, and Vanilla Milk Kefir Recipe. 

I would like to write organic roasted black sesame but I don't want to turn you off by being too particular and demanding.  There are some beautiful high quality black sesame and black sesame pastes around, but for the nutty after taste, tahini can be as good. You just won't get the black/grey look that we love at The Ferm.  And if you don't have coconut sugar of course maple syrup or any other sweetener of your choice. Adjust my portions to your own taste, I won't be offended.   I like a lot of black sesame. 

  •  750ml milk kefir
  •  3 heaped tablespoons black sesame
  •  1 Tbspn of coconut sugar (or maple syrup etc)
  •  1/2  Tspn vanilla