If you love gorgeous hand made functional art - this is the crock to covet. This is a limited edition of 99 only. 

Less than 100 of these are being made and she has made them for us!!  Emma is a divine person who attended one of my workshops in Kyneton and became obsessed with fermenting that night.  I lent her a large Polish ceramic crock and a stamper but we had already conjured a better idea. So she went home with solid plans to make a smaller, classier crock that would be admired on kitchen benches and is small enough to ferment just a cabbage or 3 rather than 10.  

She sent me a photo of her own design, and within a few months later turned up with a crock made just for us.  I am so in LOVE with this porcelain doll crock - oval and smooth, and the lid has a subtle cabbage leaf stamped on it.  We have it on our bench and the nice thing is that it makes a large enough batch for a winter's worth of kraut - 3 cabbages at once - but not enough to make it feel like a chore. Comes with a stamper made by Emma's talented husband, all from one piece from wood found or offered up from properties around country Victoria - and the WEIGHTS  (well you will get to love how gorgeous they are for a short time; how they feel in your hand - because you'll need to put them inside the crock). They fit snug to hold your vegetable under your brine while it ferments.  

 Oh and did I mention how beautifully it sings when the bubbles start to push themselves out? No kidding it gives me butterflies when I hear that, and I like to think that it's the bacteria in my gut joining the choir.

Crock, weights, wooden stamper, with a bit of information about the artist and how to care for your crock. Also a recipe or two from me.