A kind of Russian Gazpacho - I love a cold soup! And this is a really delicious way to enjoy your milk kefir on a hot day. So refreshing, so good for you and fills you up without that heavy feeling.   There are different ways of serving it. Either put it all together in a pot, kefir and whey as well and keep in the fridge. Or you can pile the vegetables together on shallow bowls and give each person a jug of kefir to pour over themselves with little dishes of salt and perhaps other condiments as well. This is often served with Rye Kvass, but I’m a fan of the milk kefir version.

3cups of milk kefir

3cups of whey - If you don’t have whey substitute with juice of a lemon, or 2 white vinegar

2 boiled medium red potatoes, cut into cubes

4 hard boiled eggs, chopped

2 cucumbers, but in small cubes, seeds removed

1 bunch radishes, thinly sliced

1 cup of chopped spring onions

¼ cup each of dill, coriander, parsley                       

Garnish with Georgian salt*


Dissolve horseradish and mustard in a bit of kefir and let seep.

Pound scallions, dill, coriander and parsley with a few large pinches of salt until aromatic, just a few bashes, no paste making please.

Combine the diced and boiled potatoes with herb mixture, mixing well and quite roughly to get the herbiness in.

Also mix in the kefir mustard and horseradish mixture

Mix, gently this time, with the eggs, cucumber and radish

Add some salt to taste and chill for 1 hour or more in the fridge


I often pour the kefir over the top, with some lemon juice and a splash of vinegar and refrigerate like that. The kefir gets some flavours from the vegetables and also becomes nice and cold for serving.

Otherwise serve with condiments and pile the vegetables into individual bowls.  Have the kefir whey mixture to pour over the top yourself. That’s nice for people unfamiliar with cold yoghurt soups.


*Georgian salt

Mix 1 Tbspn each of dried dill, fenugreek powder, red pepper, (marigold if you can find it) 2Tablespoons of dried coriander, ½ tablespoon dried cumin and 6½ T of good salt. This is actually great as a spice mix in making a kraut, over eggs, avocado, tomatoes on toast etc.  Also in the oil for labneh.  I’ve kind of been sprinkling it everywhere.