Recommended inter-viewing and reading and MORE on Sandor Katz (in case you haven't seen these yet) - some websites we like.

Whilst Sandor is real and quiet his message is heard all of the world - no need to shout or hard sell. No need for short cuts or assurances, there is a whole generation  wanting to learn this fascinating science, and mysterious art. Here is a small but growing list of ways you can hear more about Sandor and other people we admire. 

A wonderful series on Fermenting in China with Mara from Ozuke. (

Sandor at MAD fest:

A great little video and interview with Sandor

A link to Sandor's web page that is FULL to the brim of information

An article about Short Mountain

A video of Sandor

A series of video's Sandor made for Masontops after their kickstarter campaign.