Lindsay Meisel's miso oats.

My version of the Miso Oats - even found a tupperware. x

My version of the Miso Oats - even found a tupperware. x

I love Lindsay's food writing - so much that I read this out to my girls as a bedtime story. We enjoyed Lindsay's exacting (a little OCD) ways together.  They went to sleep excited. I love that. 

I've been making lots of miso and thinking about miso and eating lots of miso lately. Melbourne is having a curiously mild summer so it seems to fit.  I've been looking for different ways to enjoy all of this Miso - when along came Lindsays FB share. And now - I share with you these Miso Oats - entirely Linday's recipe. Read her blog - I love the way she writes - you need to know how she eats them and enjoys them.  Otherwise read my summary. 


I met Lindsay at my indulgent week away on Fermentation Fantasy Camp (your words Lindz) .... she took the best notes ever. The kind with little drawings and arty looking descriptions. There were quite a few amazing notetakers there - maybe good notetakers go to lots of workshops so they can indulge themselves in their talent, or am I in the minority of terrible note taking? (I have been working on it lately,  and now at least Roger thinks my notes are "really good").  As I am almost a giant and she is tiny looking over her shoulder at her notes couldn't be helped. They were great so I was able to turn on my voice recorder thingy, give up my notes and relax -  planning to ask for a copy later...... which I really am still waiting for. x

Put a banana in the fridge.

Soak lots of walnuts in salt water for a day. Then put them into the oven on really low (200f/95c) overnight. Keep them in a jar for using later. Sometimes walnuts make my mouth itchy and soaking them and drying them like that stops it. 

Cook your oats the way you usually would. 

(Does that entail grinding them first? Because oh my god - oats are crazy interesting when they go in as groats and come out as oats! We have a handsome wood and stone hand grinder thing that Roger keeps stashing in the far back kitchen cupboard. I love that thing and all of the kids love it too. I wish he would allow it on the counter.  I had to buy the hand cranked version (because $$$). One day Roger will be very thankful we have it - we probably won't have electricity and we will survive because of this oats cranker.) 

When the oats have bubbled away and are ready and not boiling nor too hot - add a blob of young miso. Sweet miso not the salty kind. The magic happens overnight, but starts pretty much straight away. The enzymes in the miso break down the starches and make the oats sweeter, milkier and runnier overnight.

When you wake you need to heat them up.  Get your banana out of the fridge and slice it, add broken, (activated + roasted) walnuts to the top of each banana followed by a sprinkle of salt and black sesame - grind that yourself. We didn't have any black sesame this morning - due to moths in our cupboard and a big emptying out of everything in the mothy cupboard last month. I thought about using sesame paste but decided it would ruin the aesthetic. 

When the porridge is warm, add a swipe of butter and a quick swig of of maple syrup to your bowl, pour over your miso oats and stir. Your banana walnuts are on another plate. Sit down. It should be very early in the morning and quiet. Spoon up a banana piece, dip it into the miso oats and eat. Like that. My girls and I did that too.  Just like the beautiful writer, and notetaker Lindsay does. My silence only came after they'd left for school though but I am used to that. x