Suii - 7 year clay pot fermented brown rice vinegar

Suii. Our Brown RIce Vinegar drink.  SU means vinegar or sour in Japanese - and ii means good. Sour good. Sour IS good -  the aim is to get us all to eat MORE sour and LESS sweet, to change our palates a little and balance are pH. Fix our guts.  Kombucha is kind of a FAST vinegar... and can be quite harsh tasting because of that - the sugar is added and easily accessed. With rice, the starch turns to sugar and the yeast feeds on that - a very gentle and subtle flavour.  Your body will benefit from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants and all the usual goodness that natural probiotics provide. 

Suii means water levels or transition - to undergo a change.  It could be a hanko, you know what that is? A signature stamp. There are other words from around the world to describe these, but I only know the Japanese kind.  The one in the photo is not meant to be used to sign our name, like a hanko though -  and I'm not sure what it's called in the ceramics world.  Emma Jimson's brother from WA made it for her to stamp on the crocks and tap vats she makes for us and other avid fermenters.  I'm not sure she actually uses it very often, but the image of it helped me make a few decisions late last week.

It's a beautiful stamp, and we didn't make it, nor did we design the pattern - we love it though. And there are a number of things ferment related that we love and admire and have been happy to put our hearts into. Kraut Source - the stainless steel fermenting lid. Emma's work. And more recently a gorgeous brown rice vinegar. 

Our latest love and almost infatuation is called Duii. A gorgeous range of 7 year clay pot fermented brown vinegar.  I've been wishing for a real rice vinegar for a couple of years now - thinking about it as I drove, as I showered... any time my mind went forward to what I wished we had - it was rice vinegar. And one day the rice vinegar showed up in my inbox. And came to our home. And offered itself up.  The only problem is that all of the clay pots that have been fermenting for a decade, sometimes more are in Taiwan. They have so many clay pots they fire them on site.The pots are lined up like soldiers.

 I initially had a problem with this but have let it go. This rice vinegar tastes caramelised, long and round. Old and slow fermented. Not sharp like Apple Cider Vinegar - more subtle and gentler on the palate.  It's very good for the gut and the body and quenches my thirst. I sip on this vinegar mixed with icy water as I work. And want to share it with as many people as we can.  Because I don't mind drinking wine from all over the world - and coffee - we have decided to do just that. We can't wait for you to love it too. x