Kraut Source Lid $45: this is just the mechanism.  Order this if you already have your own ball jar.

Kraut Source Pack $52: this is buys you the lid PLUS a ball jar.  This leaves you ready to ferment.

I love Kraut Source for so many reasons.  It's stainless steel and uses the clever, age old design of water trapping. This is kind of a modern, more convenient Harsch or Gartopf crock. It has a moat- so you put water in that which allows the air to escape, releasing pressure build up in the jar, but doesn't let any air in - making it an anaerobic environment.  The lid has a system that pushes down and acts as a weight to hold your vegetables down.  It looks great, and allows you to interchange the jar size depending on what you need - I have 2 sizes of Ball Jars available - 1 or 2 litre.  (The one litre takes an average size cabbage. YES - 1 whole cabbage) You can find larger and smaller ball jars elsewhere online, or kitchen/homeware stores. Just be aware when ordering - the Kraut Source lids only fit the WIDE MOUTH ball jars.  If you have a few jars, when your ferment is ready you can put the lid straight on the jar, pop it in the fridge and start again on another project without having to 're-jar' your ferment. That's a lovely thing.  And.... for me the best thing of all is the song it sings when the bubbles push themselves out. Hello! SUCH a lovely sound.

Karen Diggs and I went out to Bar Tartine when I was in San Fransisco - what a gorgeous space! The menu is full of ferments and they have water kefir on tap alongside whey soda.  So much on their menu had something fermented in it. Cortney came out to talk to us and we were able to tour their kitchen which wouldn't be any neater or more organised. We didn't really talk that much about her fantastic little invention.... more about the story of how she conceived of it and all the little bumps along the way.  The bumps are the interesting part of all peoples stories to me. Different for everyone, but always relatable in business and something to take away and mull over, be inspired by, recycle for your own use if needed; sharing is so important and I’ve always been an open book. These little meetings with other business owners are very precious to me. A whole new and unexpected 'tribe’.