Recipes and Instructions

Here are some of our favorite fermenting tricks and recipes.

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What to do with your dehydrated grains

You know what your water kefir grains are? A SCOBY - a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast - a polysaccharide matrix of bacteria and yeast that keep each other alive and happy as long as they are fed and live in the right conditions.

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Black Sesame, Coconut Sugar, and Vanilla Milk Kefir Recipe.

Lulu's favorite.



Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, Turmeric and Vanilla Milk Kefir.




Frozen Berry Smoothie




Carrots in a brine- bento/snack heaven

Give your carrots a level up, and have something easy to grab and eat.  I LOVE having these on hand for the many many bento boxes I provide daily.


Beetroot & Horseradish Kraut

This sour and sweetferment is particularly gorgeous served with (kefir) crème fraîche on a potato latke or cream cheese on dark rye



A kind of Russian Gazpacho- I love a cold soup!  This is a really delicious way to enjoy your milk kefir on a hot day.



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Large Crispy Rosti

I think I need to help promote this deliciousness by giving you the recipe for it. These fritters pair fabulously with kimchi and a dollop of tahini or hummus, but also with yoghurt mixed with chives, labneh and lime pickle too for example. 


Fermenting with Honey

Everyone should use their honey for this gorgeous liquid that comes from fermentation.  The best flavours often come from only a few ingredients and this is one of them - simply raw honey and a fruit or allium of your choice.