Dehydrated KEFIR GRAINS (in a cute little vial). - Easy for me to ship anywhere in the world, and comes with a little instruction tied safely to it’s neck. The rest can be found hereThese are great to ship to friends as a present, have in your cupboard to use any time you like, to take on holiday in case you get the urge to make your own or if you get some kind of upset tummy while you're there and need to make an emergency batch. :) also great in a gift bag.

Fresh milk kefir grains - you are buying the babies of our award winning milk kefir.  There’s something cool about that, right? They’ve grown up on only full cream, organic and pasture raised milk from country Victoria. 

Fresh water kefir grains - If you like our kefir, then you are getting the SCOBY from within a batch of that.  They have been born and bred on Macedon Ranges Rain water, and only ever fed organic ingredients. They are usually a golden colour, sometimes they are light pink from our raspberry batch.   

Kombucha SCOBY – a little piece of mother from our continuous brew batch  that we continous brew just for visitors, vinegars and yummy little shots for our staff and the kitchen staff next door.

JUN tea SCOBY – well this is my latest fad, reminds me of Mead, but only takes a week to make.  I love squeezing this SCOBY and you’ll know why when yours grows.  Sorry Kombucha, this is my fave.