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Dehydrated water kefir grains


Dehydrated grains make a WONDERFUL present because they can be put aside and stashed in a kitchen drawer somewhere until the recipient has the time or finally catches up to your hipsterness and realises what a great gift you gave them. 

Instructions on our website for how to wake these guys up - and recipe included on how to make the best water kefir you've ever had, how to second ferment and how to look after the grains to get the best out of them. 

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Dehydrated KEFIR GRAINS (in a cute little vial). - Easy to ship anywhere in the world, and comes with a recipe and a little instruction tied safely to it’s neck linking the fermenter to this website page so they'll always know how. These are great to ship to friends as a present, have in your cupboard to use any time you like, to take on holiday in case you get the urge to make your own or if you get some kind of upset tummy while you're there and need to make an emergency batch. :) also great in a gift bag.