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Jun is the more refined and even (in my opinion) healthier version of kombucha - Jun is fermented green tea and honey. The SCOBY is used to the bacteria in the honey and together they make an almost champagne like effervescent drink. This beauty stems from Tibet apparently - perhaps that is why it doesn't mind cooler temperatures and ferments quicker than Kombucha. (Usually 3-5 days). Because the flavour is lighter it also lends itself to an easy second fermentation flavouring. Either second ferment with nothing - or add a few blackberries and sage for example. Jun is my personal favourite fermented tea. And very rare to see this available commercially. 

 Comes with a recipe, 2nd ferment ideas, starter tea a 2 litre jar, muslin and a band to hold it with,  a vial of local Rooftop Honey from Melbourne and a packet of Victorian Grown organic green tea to get you started straight away. x

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