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Kraut Source

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I love Kraut Source for so many reasons. This is kind of a modern, more convenient Harsch or Gartopf crock that creates an anaerobic environment.  This lidding system is stainless steel and uses the clever, age old design of water trapping, it fits beautifully onto a wide mouth Ball or Mason jar, and is designed to push down your ferment acting as a weight.  It looks great, and allows you to interchange the jar size depending on what you need - I have 2 sizes of Ball Jars available - 1 or 2 litre.  (The one litre takes an average size cabbage. YES - 1 whole cabbage). The Kraut Source lids only fit the WIDE MOUTH ball jars.  If you have a few jars, when your ferment is ready you can put the plastic lid straight on the jar, pop it in the fridge and start again on another project without having to 're-jar' your ferment. That's a lovely thing.  And.... for me the best thing of all is the song it sings when the bubbles push themselves out. Hello! SUCH a lovely sound.
I actually don't like to sell fermentation equipment because I don't want anyone to think they need to go out and buy all of the things... but I met with the owner Karen last year in her home town of San Fransisco, she's a small business start up like me, loves to ferment and create beautiful food - I really feel privileged to be able to share this product with fermentation peeps here. 
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