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Dried Koji (Rice Culture - Australian Grown)


We like to make our own- but just can't do everything. And when I was in Kyoto last year doing a koji course I met Yukiyo who lives and operates her business on the Gold Coast. It is the freshest and best koji I've found here. This is 400g of Koji is dried and will rehydrate into about 500g.  A ll  you need to do is add some water 15 minutes before you use it. Make miso, doburoku (rough sake), shio-koji, shoyu-koji, marinate with it, make a pickles with it; all up to you. x Comes with an instructional card for a batch of miso, all you need is to get out and buy some really good soy beans, salt and find a jar. x (we sell a kit with all that too..) 

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