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Kombucha SCOBY


Tired of imitation Kombucha? That's mostly what you are getting from the supermarket shelves. It's not magic that the alcohol is low or the kombucha can be shelf stable. Lots of changes have been made, watering down, blasting, isolating, and force carbonating. Depending on the maker.

 Our SCOBYs are robust, fed only Daylesford Spring water, have been cared for with love and fed the best, organic ingredients. We'd never refrigerate a SCOBY - and don't recommend you do that either. That will kill off some of the yeasts and a few rotations into your batch you'll find it will go mouldy and blame yourself. (don't buy refrigerated SCOBYs from the store!) 

 Our SCOBY comes in a 2 litre jar, with some starter 'buch, muslin and a band,  instructions card, 2nd ferment ideas and the offer of my advice and support through email/FB message.

Kombucha is a very hardy SCOBY and a good choice for people who go away sometimes, or would like to do a continuous brew. (We stock a gorgeous ceramic continuous brew crock for this..!)

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kombucha 7.jpg