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Organic cheesecloth


I get this from some wonderful people I met through David Asher (Natural Cheesemaker) - who told me I should get it - and we have now made friends with them - as true fermentation and food fanatics do. Here are Heathers words when I asked her about the cloth:

"This is probably the best cotton cheese cloth you'll ever use. A bold claim but after three years and many false starts, we have a 100% organic cotton cheese cloth that we are very proud of. Cotton covers 2.5% of the world's cultivated land but uses over 16% of the world's insecticides. The use of child labour in cotton harvesting is also a significant issue. Our goal was to produce a cloth that was free of both and also worked brilliantly.

We started by finding a certified organic cotton farm. Next, we found a certified textile mill to weave the fibers in their raw state, with no bleaches or chemical sizing (they thought we were crazy), to the best warp and weft (that is thread count speak) for optimum draining of curds and preserves.

This weave cleans like a dream, and the fibers have a strength that will outlast weak bleached organic cloth. The photo shows the number of cloths we tested before selecting this one so you can tell we love it and we use it for everything from draining yogurts and cheese curds to making fruit jellies and cordials, straining nut milk, making bouquet garni and mulled wine spice bags." 

Comes in a generous 1.5m x 1m piece for your own cheesemaking or labneh making pleasure. It's really gorgeous. We've been using a piece to drip coffee through since we ran out of papers and it works perfectly. Comes swatch size on the Kombucha and Jun kits and if you are after a larger piece we can arrange that too. x (email)

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