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Continuous Brew Kombucha/Jun crock by Emma Jimson


Another clever and gorgeous feat of engineering by Emma Jimson of Pom_me_granate  - a beautiful friend and a partner in fermentation adventures - this crock is designed for continuous brew - porcelain keeps the light out and helps keep the temperature stable,  the 'feet' are actually designed to hold a whole 2 litres of 'buch which helps keep a reserve and allows the sediment to settle BELOW the tap. (genius) The lid has beautifully designed holes in it to let air in and fit a small muslin cover beneath it to keep bugs out. This isn't just the most beautiful crock, the design is intelligent. OH! and the tap is stainless steel. :)  I have one for 'buch and one on for Jun. x Price of postage will depend on where you are at - this is a heavy and precious load.

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2016-04-20 15.09.26.jpg