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All about Koji and fun with Persimmons

A perfect way to spend a winter Sunday - and also a pretty decent blend of skills here - I'm might be an avid, experienced fermenter but I am not crafty and hoshigaki tying is right up Natasha's skill alley.  

We'll delve into Koji and all it's incredible uses - make some miso and fill a jar to take home to ferment on your bench there. Taste some ama-zake and learn how easy it is to make, and why you should make it.  After a gorgeous lunch and hang out in the garden, we'll get down and peel a heap of Persimmons to turn into gorgeous dried and preserved 'hoshigaki'. We'll put up a jar of persimmon vinegar as well - so you'll go home with miso, a string of persimmons and a jar of them ready to turn to the most gorgeous vinegar.  Bring a 2l jar or buy one of ours. We'll provide the 1L jar for your miso.

I can't wait for this one. xGet your ticket from the link below.