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Kimchi and Doburoku at Oak and Monkey Puzzle with Natasha Morgan

Can't wait for this workshop all about Kimchi and Koji! It'll be a hands on journey making two different types of Kimchi that you can take home to share and watch ferment. We'll also put up a batch of kimchi in a traditional Onggi and bury it in a hole in Natasha's garden to let it sit there until after winter. x

We'll talk all about KOJI and the many fabulous ways to use it - how to grow your own. I'll show you how to make amazake - and have some ready made to use as a sweetener. We'll make a batch of miso together for you to take home, and then some soy sauce to take and also leave to ferment at Natasha's.  If there's time we'll also put up a batch of Korean style rough rice wine called "makgeolli" - or in Japan - Doburoku. 

In amongst all that we'll eat lunch together and walk Natasha's winter garden. I love being there - and can't wait to leave our fermenting stamp in her gorgeous garden. x Come and join us. Link below.   x