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Fermenting 101 at Luxton Clinic

Join me for a half day workshop learning all about Wild Fermentation and how easy it is to ferment your own kimchi, kraut and brined veggies hosted by the wonderful people at Luxton Clinic. 

This half day workshop precedes our 'Ferment for good' series on wild fermentation, SCOBYs and other ways to make, love and share your own ferments, coming to Luxton Kitchen in 2017!

Get your tickets for this one directly from Luxon on the link below.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to make fermented vegetables at home
  • Those wanting to learn about the history and nutritional benefits of fermented foods
  • Anyone wanting to add fermented foods to their kitchen skills and diet

Take home:

  • Your own jar of fermented vegetables, to start the learning process at home!
  • Wild fermentation recipes